The small changes you make in life can bring big results to the environment.
Let’s go green together and mainstream this trend!
A 100% leak-proof, convenient,
and eco-friendly tumbler
Nowadays, the importance of environmental protection is undeniable. As such, we have designed Elephant Cuppa after consulting many of you with over 10,000 feedback received through our questionnaires.
Elephant Cuppa is not only perfect in size with 2 options of straws available suitable for all kinds of drinks, it is also 100% leak-proof and easy to clean. It is easy to bring it on-the-go for your favourite drink anywhere.
Unique straw cover with convenient storage
The straw cover keeps the straw clean and dust-free which can be put into the storage slot of the Elephant Cuppa lid when not using.
Clear and Classic Shape
Transparent with volume marking convenient for pouring.
Make your first sustainability move
with Elephant Cuppa II now.