【Spring Shopping Festival ✿】Pack up the beautiful spring and take it home ꔛ♡

// Spring Shopping Festival ✿ //


The Elephant Cup Spring Shopping Festival event is ready to start on 3.20!

The most exciting two-in discounts and multi-item discounts that cup lovers love are all available   

Pack up the beautiful spring and take it home ꔛ♡



Spring Shopping Festival 🌼🌿

Event location: Elephant Cup physical counter

Event schedule: 3.20 ~ 4.14




✿ 1+1 discount on basic models

Get $99 off for any 2 basic elephant cups


✿ 1+1 discount on joint models

Enjoy a $150 discount for any 2 guests of the co-branded Elephant Cup


✿ Spring flowers are blooming and additional purchase discounts

Enjoy $50 off any Elephant Cup + selected accessories

(Designated accessories: canvas cup cover/canvas carrying bag/silicone cup cover/silicone carrying strap/double cup bag)


✿ Flowers blooming with multiple offers

Choose any 3 or more accessories (inclusive) and enjoy 5% off

(Including various cup bags, cup bodies, cup lids, anti-leak rings, straws, and straw brushes)


⭐️ The above are physical counter limited promotions

⭐️ The actual activity method is mainly explained by on-site personnel