• Q.1
    Why is my straw lid leaking?

    In case of water leakage from the straw cap, please check whether it is due to improper installation or over-tightening of the lid sealing ring on the straw cap.

    It is recommended that you remove and reinstall the lid sealing ring on the straw cap with the wide side facing down. The lid only needs to be partially tightened to achieve a 100% leak-proof seal.

    ⚠️ Do not over-tighten the straw cap as this may cause water leakage or even break the straw cap due to excessive pressure on the lid sealing ring.⚠️

  • Q.2
    Why is my bottle lid leaking?

    If you experience water leakage from the lid, please check whether it is caused by improper installation of the lid sealing ring or the increase in internal pressure caused by warm and hot drinks.

    The following are the installation instructions for the Silicone Gasket (2022):
    ① Please make sure that the groove of the sealing ring is placed inside the lid, if not, please remove it and install it with the groove facing inward.
    ② Please make sure that the ring is evenly placed inside the lid. You can do this by gently sliding an utensil over the ring.
    ③ Please check thoroughly to make sure there are no gaps and that the ring is not twisted.
    ④ Avoid tightening the lid too much as it may deform the sealing ring over time.
    ⑤ When locking the lid, please pay attention to whether one side of the lid is tilted. If so, please remove the lid and make sure there is no tilt before locking it again. (⚠️The lid only needs to be partially tightened to achieve a 100% leak-proof seal)

    In addition, it is recommended not to use the cup lid or straw lid when using hot drinks, as this may result in a shorter lifespan for the product due to increased pressure. It is crucial to prevent the risk of burns caused by hot drinks spilling due to internal pressure.

  • Q.3
    Is it safe to fill the Elephant Cuppa with juice?

    The second generation Ecozen material is more resistant to fogging than regular plastic, making it safe to use with acidic and juice-based drinks.

    However, please refrain from the following actions to prevent fogging under certain conditions:
    ① Do not squeeze the peel of citrus fruit drinks, as fruit peels contain natural essential oils that can leave oil residue behind.
    ② Do not use cleaning agents that contain alcohol, peel essential oils, or have higher pH values.

    Avoiding the above actions is crucial to prevent brittleness and prolong the cup's lifespan.

  • Q.4
    How do I tighten the cup sleeve?

    To make the cup sleeve fit the cup body more tightly, try squeezing out the air around the bottom and rotating the bottle slightly when using the sleeve.

    The cup sleeve is designed to be easily installed and removed. Therefore, as long as the sleeve does not fall off on its own, a slight gap between the sleep and the cup after installation is normal.

  • Q.5
    Why doesn't my cup strap fit into my Elephant Cuppa?

    Due to the weight and stiffness of the canvas material, the cup strap may be difficult to install when it's new and hasn't been used before.

    To make the canvas cup strap more pliable before use, we recommend washing or soaking it in warm water.

  • Q.6
    Is the Elephant Cuppa heat-resistant and insulated?

    Both the bottle and cup lid can withstand temperatures of 0-90°C, while the coarse and small straws can withstand temperatures of 0-85°C. Please note that the current Elephant Cuppa sold do not have thermal insulation.

    To ensure the product's longevity, it is not recommended to use the Elephant Cup for extended periods of time to consume hot beverages. The pressure inside the cup caused by warm and hot drinks may shorten its service life. If necessary, it is recommended to remove the lid when drinking beverages above 60°C to prevent the risk of burns due to spillage from internal pressure.

  • Q.7
    Are all the Elephant Cuppa accessories compatible?

    To ensure compatibility with all sizes and generations of Elephant Cuppa, cup lids and lid sealing rings are interchangeable. However, please note that the straw and cup sleeve cannot be used interchangeably due to the varying lengths between different generations.

  • Q.8
    Why isn't there a handle for my Silicone Gasket sealing ring II (2022)?

    Due to customer feedback indicating that the handle could cause damage to the ring when closing the lid, we have removed the handle from subsequent products and upgraded the leak-proof ring in the latest version (2022). Apart from removing the handle, we have also enhanced the waterproof function of the 2022 version by thickening the ring.

    To clean the lid sealing ring, we suggest using a small, flat tool such as the front of a straw brush to gently lift it. It's also important to ensure proper installation of the lid sealing ring by placing the groove towards the lid of the cup.

  • Q.9
    Is it okay to use the Elephant Cuppa without the straw?

    Generally speaking, it is totally acceptable, yet we recommend using the straw as it is more convenient and hygienic."

  • Q.10
    Can I wash my Elephant Cuppa in a dishwasher?

    Sure. You can clean the cups and their accessories in a dishwasher, but please avoid using models with a dryer function or placing them directly in the dishwasher since the temperature cannot exceed 90°C.

  • Q.11
    Is it safe to dry my Elephant Cuppa using a dish dryer?

    No, please avoid doing so as the temperature cannot exceed 90°C.

  • Q.12
    Is it possible to use a cup strap if I'm already using a cup holder?

    The design of the cup strap is meant to fit the cup body perfectly, so there is no space available for the use of a cup sleeve. If you need to use a cup sleeve, we recommend purchasing a carry bag that can better accommodate your needs.

  • Q.13
    What comes with the purchase of an Elephant Cuppa?

    The Elephant Cuppa set includes not only the cup lid (which consists of the straw lid and leak-proof ring) and cup body, but also coarse and small straws as well as cleaning brushes. Therefore, there's no need for additional straw purchases.

  • Q.14
    How do I clean where there's heavy tea scum?

    For cleaning, we suggest using a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. However, please refrain from using detergents that are of high pH value, such as citric acid and sodium percarbonate, as they may negatively impact the lifespan of the product.

  • Q.15
    What is the material of the bottle of an Elephant Cuppa?

    The Elephant Cuppa II is crafted using Ecozen material, which makes it highly resistant to essential oils, anti-fogging, and more durable than regular plastic. It boasts a highly transparent body and is more resilient to impact than standard plastic materials.

  • Q.16
    Are the previous versions of Elephant Cuppa, which feature colors unavailable in the current version, still in stock?

    The colors and co-branded models from previous versions are no longer available for purchase. If there are any plans to reproduce or remake them in the future, we will announce it on our Facebook page or Instagram.

  • Q.1
    What payment methods does the official website offer?

    Currently, only credit card payment is accepted on the official website.

  • Q.2
    Is there free shipping available for orders?

    Please refer to the exact shipping costs on the checkout page as the shipping fees differ by country.

  • Q.3
    How long does it take to receive the order?

    In-stock items are expected to be delivered within 7-14 working days after payment completion.

  • Q.4
    What products are available for purchase in the physical store?

    The physical store primarily sells Elephant Cuppa sets, cup lids, and cup sleeves. However, only the pop-up shop offers the complete range of products.

    If you have a specific item in mind, we suggest calling the store in advance to confirm its availability before making your visit.

  • Q.5
    Are there discounts for group purchases?

    Unfortunately, we do not currently offer discounts for group purchases.

  • Q.6
    How do I negotiate business partnerships?

    You can contact us about business partnership inquiries by sending a letter to info@elephantcuppa.com or filling out the business partnership form on our website. We will promptly get back to you once we receive your request.

  • Q.7
    Are customization and bulk orders offered?

    To place a custom logo printing or bulk order, a minimum quantity of 200 sets is required. If you are interested or have any other customization inquiries, please send a letter to [sales@elephantcuppa.com] with your company name, contact name, and email address. You will be contacted by one of our representatives promptly.

  • Q.8
    How do I return or exchange the order?

    We provide a seven-day cooling-off period for you to examine the product. If you discover any defects, you can return or exchange the order within seven days of receiving it, as long as the product hasn't been used and the packaging is still intact.

  • Q.1
    Return and Exchange Notice

    If the consumer has purchased goods outside of Taiwan or from overseas, please note that unless the goods are customized or were unpacked at the consumer's request, the customer is entitled to return the goods within seven days from the day after you receive them. If you decide to return the goods, please be aware that you will be responsible for covering the shipping and return costs.
    To ensure the product's quality, please follow the steps below upon receiving it:
    ① Within seven days, please inspect the package to check for any defects or missing products.
    ② To protect the rights of both parties, please take a video recording when opening the package and inspecting the products.
    ③ If you need to return or exchange the goods, please apply within seven days after receiving the package. Late applications will not be accepted.
    ④ Please note that the cooling-off period is not a trial period. You may only return the product if it is unused and the packaging is intact.
    The warranty is also included within the cooling-off period. However, please note that the warranty only applies to products that are defective upon shipment and does not cover the following situations:
    ① Natural wear and tear caused by daily use
    ② Damage caused by not following the instructions for use
    ③ Damage caused by accident
    We will cover the return shipping costs in the following cases:
    1. Products that do not match the order, including but not limited to discrepancies in product specifications, style, or quantity.
    2. Products with defects, including but not limited to quality issues or damages during delivery.
    3. Products that do not match the description on the product page, such as usage or function.
    4. In any other cases not listed above, the consumer will be responsible for the shipping and return costs.
    If you have any questions about returning or exchanging goods, please contact us at info@elephantcuppa.com. Our specialists will assess whether the product can be replaced for you. Please note that if the damage is caused by improper use, we will not be able to replace it. Thank you for your cooperation."

  • Q.1
    Product Maintenance

    Regarding the use and maintenance of Elephant Cuppa, we recommend the following:

    ① It's important to avoid exposing Elephant Cuppa to extreme temperatures. For example, please do not keep them in the freezer or refrigerator for extended periods or use them with beverages above 90°C.
    ② To prevent spillage due to internal pressure and reduce the risk of burns, please do not cover the straw cap while drinking beverages above 60°C as this can shorten the product's lifespan.
    ③ After using the Elephant Cuppa, please make sure to clean the cup body, lid, and accessories (including the leak-proof ring and straw) to prevent mold, odors, and color residue buildup.
    ④ Avoid using a microwave oven or dishwasher to clean or heat up your Elephant Cuppa.
    ⑤ When drinking fruit tea that contains pulp and peel, please avoid squeezing the peel to release the natural essential oil in citrus fruit as the oil can cause fogging in the bottle if it is not fully rinsed out.
    ⑥ The lid only needs to be partially tightened to achieve a 100% leak-proof seal. Please avoid over-tightening as this may squeeze the leak-proof ring and shorten the product's lifespan.
    ⑦ When purchasing drinks, it's advised to request permission from the store clerk to rotate the lid of the Elephant Cuppa yourself. This is to avoid potential damage caused by the clerk's careless handling.
    ⑧ To prevent the cup from breaking due to excessive internal pressure, please avoid leaving the lid on for too long when drinking carbonated beverages.
    ⑨ It is strongly recommended not to use cleaning detergents with high pH value or alcohol, as they may shorten the lifespan of the Elephant Cuppa.

    To clean the product, we recommend using a soft sponge with water or a neutral detergent, and letting it dry naturally or in a shaded area.

    If you have any questions regarding the use of the product, please feel free to contact us again.