Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
Cuppa S - Classic Black
about USD$30~$33

Steel. Strong. Smart
Cool in summer and warm in winter, we give you a more practical and versatile environmentally friendly drink cup !

Product contents:

﹒ SUS316 stainless steel cup body
﹒ Food grade PP cup lid & straw lid
﹒ Food grade PP thick straws & thin straws
﹒ Straw lid leak-proof ring & cup lid leak-proof ring
﹒ Cleaning brush

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[Cup body]: SUS316 stainless steel

[Lid]: Food grade PP

[Straw]: Food grade PP

[Anti-leak ring]: Food grade silicone


〔720ml〕Lid diameter 86 mm x height 262 mm

〔520ml〕Cup lid diameter 86 mm x height 207 mm

▍Resistant to cold and heat

〔Lid〕Heat resistance 110℃

〔Straw〕Heat resistance 110℃

〔Anti-leak ring〕Heat resistance 200℃

Keep warm function: 6 hours (above 55℃)

Cooling function: 12 hours (below 11℃)

* When serving warm drinks, the straw lid must be opened to release the steam in the cup


720ml, 520ml

* For warm and hot drinks, the recommended capacity is 700ml or 500ml.




(The above does not include the weight of the straw)


[Made in Taiwan] Patented straw lid, anti-leak ring, straw

[Made in China] Cup body, cleaning brush

Elephant Cup S is carefully designed and developed by a Taiwanese team, and the first elephant trunk straw lid is manufactured and patented in Taiwan. The cup body is manufactured in cooperation with factories in mainland China. The structural design of the cup body is fully monitored by the Taiwan team, and the final assembly and quality control of the finished product are completed in the Taiwan factory to ensure that the product meets high-standard quality requirements. Through strict quality control and Taiwan's professional manufacturing technology, Elephant Cup S provides excellent quality, allowing you to purchase with confidence.