【New product launch】Black and white「Cuppa S」is newly launched


// Black and white reproduction ✧ Classic reproduction

The black and white " Cuppa S " is newly launched 🖤  

Click here to watch first 👉 https://lihi2.com/itIVz


The second-generation cup is hot-selling and out of stock◝

Classic dark black and classic pure white are upgraded and returning ✨

Celebrate the launch of the new style "Black and White Cuppa S " on 5/15 🎉

Check out various good deals at once (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾ ♡


✧ New product combination discount ✧

Choose a cup of "Elephant Cup S" + "Elephant Cup 3-Way Cleaning Brush" to enjoy a discounted combination price of $999.

(Limited to 100 sets, each person is limited to 1 set per day, the same on the official website and at the counter.)


✧ New product purchase discount ✧

With the purchase of "Elephant Cup" and "Elephant Cup S", you can enjoy an additional purchase of "Elephant Cup 3-Way Cleaning Brush" for $109 per cup.

(For official website purchases, you need to enter the discount code "brush" at checkout)


✧ Counter laser engraving service ✧ *Limited to Taipei counters

If you purchase the new "Elephant Cup S" on-site, you can enjoy a special price of $99 and add "customized laser engraving service".

(Friends who have already purchased the cup can enjoy the discounted price of $129 for existing customers)