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The Cuppa is a reusable, portable & boba friendly eco tumbler designed to replace single-use plastic.
It comes with a unique straw cap to keep your straw clean and dust free!

It is extremely portable and can be used for any kind of drinks such as bubble tea, smoothies & milkshakes.

Elephant Cuppa is not just a water bottle, it is also a shaker, boba cup, smoothie cup and snacks jar in one!

We’ve made it easy to carry and clean, sp that you can bring it anywhere and can be used for any kind of drinks.

Let’s say goodbye to single-use plastics!

Every Elephant Cuppa is made of 12 times the material of a disposable cup,
it would not be better for our environment if it is only used for a several times.
However, you can save one disposable cup every time you use it,
and it is durable enough to be used for years and helps you save thousands of disposable cups!

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