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Our Story

“Say no to single use!”

At Elephant Cuppa, we design our products with convenience of use and durability in mind. We aim to help reduce the use of disposable products, minimise pollution to our environment.

More importantly, we want to convey our ideas on environmental protection through our products, increase public attention at eco-friendly products, trigger new thinking and creativity.

Our Product


Light In Weight

To make it portable for daily use, our cuppa is just 180g, yet extremely sturdy, making it very durable.


Large Capacity. Yet In Hold Of One Hand​

The cuppa can hold up to 720ml of drinks, yet remain moderate in size, making it easy to carry, even with a small hand.



Soft silicone gasket seals the cuppa when closed, ensuring 100% leak-proof.


Easy to Clean. Stain-Free

Transparent and smooth Ecozen material makes cleaning easy!

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